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Southern California's Automotive Subculture Rapidly Grows As The ORIGINAL Krispy Kreme Meet Returns For 2012

This is perhaps the only biggest meet ever to have such a huge support system amongst automotive fans & enthusiasts of the Southern California subculture.  The ORIGINAL Krispy Kreme Tuesdays Automotive Meet returned back to where it all began in Burbank to jump start the 2012 season.  From imports/euros/domestics, fans & enthusiasts of the scene made sure they secured their parking spot to showoff their whips & also enjoy a box of dozen glazed doughnuts.  The event that was scheduled to start @ 9pm attracted early birds who would arrive as early as 7pm resulted in a jam packed lot filled with interesting rides all sharing one common goal:  supporting each other in the scene.  There were sections even for makes and models!  Ford Mustangs had their own row of rides parked together as well as interesting Volvo wagons.  Photographers including Mike from the Low n' Slow Crew & supporting media were spotted snapping shots of their favorites.

Few rides were spotted with JDM Sport stickers supporting the lifestyle!  The JDM Sport: Project Genes-X made its appearance at last nights first meet with many attendees admiring the red & black one of a kind.  Fans of the scene surrounded the trunk of the unique Hyundai Genesis for a special demo of the kickin' sound system sponsored by Rockford Fosgate that was worked on by Al & Ed's in East Pasadena.  Not only was the rear admired but the front of the JDM Sport coupe project was bringing much attention due to the unique one of a kind headlights which many Genesis owners have requested for a pair once released.

We had a chance to hangout with few of our friends in the scene.  Our good friends from AA Autoworks brought out some of their cars as well as Jose Romo from Team 1Up with his fresh green Audi.  We also caught up with George from Bojix Design as well as our friend Eric Lorenzo while two of our favorite models in the scene came out to support the meet.  Roxy Ayala aka DeeJay Roxy On The Run made her appearance doing a few test shots in front of the Genesis while Sal Banuelos From The AdvanSpec Network Brought Out JDM Sport model Lena Love.

It was a good day for business over at Krispy Kreme as attendees from the meet lined up to order their favorite doughnuts.  Team Nuisance came out to Krispy Kreme Tuesdays & So Cal Drift Queen Melissa Miller was spotted in line where we had a chance to catch up & quickly get a few shots of her fresh whip as the night ended safely.  It was a great evening seeing all of our friends in the industry for this epic gathering!  Special Thanks to Jeremy Lee & Elite AutoSports!  Looking forward to more epic meets this year of the ORIGINAL Krispy Kreme Tuesdays!  Here are few shots from last nights event.  Check out more of Krispy Kreme Tuesdays coverage on our Facebook Fanpage & be sure to "LIKE" us!

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